Personal Academic Project
Real Estate Industry
SEP-OCT, 2020

Prefabricated Modules to reduce housing cost

Since most people are bearing the rental financial pressure and don’t know much about the prefabrication industry and how it can cut down their housing cost, they may need Pre.Module to help them access the “mysterious” prefab field.


In a 3-month Boot Camp with other challenges going on.


Full-stack UX designer

Researcher, UI Designer, Project Manager, & Marketer.


  • How to differentiate from other renting platform?

  • How to intrigue users’ interest in prefab?

  • Considering further development and launch.


With MAP and TOOLs in bag, let’s go to find the Problem Dynasty

MAP in Hand

The whole process of solving a problem can be represented by the two-diamond chart, iterating between diverging and converging when going through the stages of empathize, define, ideate, and test.

TOOLS in Bag


User Test



Problem Space

In the real estate market, the demand for living space is far larger than the supplies, resulting in higher trading prices than usual. Most people, especially young professionals, are facing relatively high rental financial pressure.

To relieve the tension in the real estate market, several methods have been conducted to provide affordable housings, among which prefabrication has been proved for its ability to reduce construction cost.


of the full-time minimum wage spent on rent


low-income households spend more than half of their income


cheaper than a stick-built home, and possibly even more

However, such type of architecture has not been widely accepted yet. Few people know about the prefab industry and how they can access prefabricated buildings, even with strong interests.


Modular construction only has 2-3% market share even in the well accepted markets.


of young professionals that did the survey have not heard of prefabrication before


After getting the Problem Dynasty, how we would conquer it?

How Might We?

How Might We educate and encourage young professionals to access prefab in order to reduce their rental financial pressure?

Interview Insights

Information Sharing and Educating

When facing the new term and technology they are not familiar with, people tend to need some platform where they can learn about this topic and can easily access it when they want to.

Financial Considerations

Most renters are looking for some methods to reduce their rent and manage their living cost better, considering the long-term.


Possible Solutions

Information Board

Info platform where users can get the industry introduction and trending projects information.

Map Search

A visual map would help users know clearly where the surrounding prefab buildings are and where they can access them.

Community Sharing

Community where users can share opinions about prefab with each other and give feedbacks.

Online Service

Users are always expecting for convenient online experience, saving them lots of time.

Potential Features

Utilities Investigation
360 degree Showcasing

So many opinions and ways, let’s narrow down and focus.

User Stories & Tasks

As a Young Professional

Primary User Stories

I want to check if there are some desired prefab buildings nearby to make sure prefab is accessible.

Support User Story

I want to read through the detailed building information to make sure it can actually relieve my rental financial pressure without compromising life quality.


Search the nearby buildings by some preferences.

Get the detailed building information, especially about the living cost and amenities.

Task Flow

Based on pain points and user stories, the task flow has been created to help me think about how the user would interact with the product and give me a baseline of main screens that need to be designed.

This task flow shows how the user search for prefab buildings nearby and check the detailed information to rent some prefab suites.


See the direction, why hold back our passion for constructing?


Based on pain points and user stories, the task flow has been created to help me think about how the user would interact with the product and give me a baseline of main screens that need to be designed.

Available Buildings
Building Model
Building Information

TO find the available prefab rental buildings nearby and get their detailed information.

Suite Information
Popularity Check

Inspiration Collection

With the rough blueprint in mind, I feel like it is necessary to get out of the ivory tower and see what the real-world projects look like.

Engagement of architectural design
Homepage Layout and AR involvement
Map View together with Card
Idea of Utilities Investigation

Revised Screens

Map View
Suite Details
Building List
360 Showcase


After revising the ideas by pen, I put them into the grey-scale digital world to see if it’s gonna survive or not.

  • Landing on the homepage with all main features on table
  • Explore the prefab buildings nearby
  • Filter results and find the desired building
  • Check the suite information and experience the life inside virtually

Feedback & Iterations

When the wireframe is qualified to survive, I move onto considering upgrading its life quality. With the help of my peers, I conducted two rounds of user testing and have collected some valuable points to revise my wireframe.

“I don’t know what Prefab is.”

“Where to find the information introduction? What’s the gallery for?”

“Co-living? I don’t want to share life with others if I can afford the rent.”

  • Add an introduction to Prefab

  • Re-adjust the layout to highlight the info board and more practical categories

“I cannot find the filter button.”

“Did I select these options? or they are disabled?”

“How could I go back? Were the selections applied? ”

  • Use widely-recognized filter icon and clearer hierarchy

  • Add reset and apply button to help user recognize the states

“Meaningless nav bar and I tend to ignore the map with cards listed at the top. ”

“What these buildings are? Prefab or common buildings?”

  • Develop a global navigation bar

  • Modify the layout to show the prefab theme

Final Wireframe

Brand Identity

No one would like the plainly black-white world. Color and clear product images are necessary, just working like the flag for our dynasty.

Color Palette

- Static
- Structured
- Modern
- Professional
- Cozy
- Clean

Colors Exploration

Based on the colors extracted from the moodboard, I rate the color combinations by uniqueness, fitness, and accessibility. Then try to inject the possibly suitable set into the home page and decided on the final color palette, which is the 6th combination in this case.


Starting from sketch, I explored different wordmarks and decide on the one that involves both prefabrication and module construction, and can also represent prefab architecture style a bit.

Standard size of Prefab Commodity

Typical Prefab Building Shape

App Icon

According to "Human Interface Guidelines", application icon is designed and developed to make sure it meets all the industry standards.


With the stage set up, now the solution is ready to be put into spotlight and shine.

Would be Expert in Prefab

On the home page, we have information section to let us learn about the perfab industry.

No way we would miss any chance of accessing

No matter we want to own, rent, or book a prefab suite for trip, we can always find resource here.

Benefits are far more than we could imagine

As we can see, prefab building can help us save money by customizing furnishing, saving energy and construction cost.

View Prototype

Now get our own dynasty, how we defend its supremacy.

Marketing Site


To make up for mobile app’s constraints, iPad has been chosen for its LiDAR camera and larger workspace, which allows for user scanning the interior of prefab suite and share it, as well as more engaging 3D map view.


Sustainable development means a lot for countries, so what’s next?

UI Library

To continuously develop this app and launch it with the help of developers and other designers, UI library is created for organized and efficient hand-off.

Further Impact


To Solve Problem:
this app would bridge young professionals that have seriously high rental pressure with modern prefab industry and relieve users’ pain quite a bit and improve their life.

For Industry Development:
after educating users with the industry knowledge, there would be more people knowing the prefab industry, which would correct many misunderstanding about prefabrication now and push the industrial further development.

For Sustainability:  
considering the features of fast and easy construction of prefabricated building, they would be renovated and removed easily without generating much construction waste that would result in land, air, and water pollution.

The Future

To figure out how the app would develop in long term, I picked “SUPERFAN” Torot Card as the starting point.

How would a community of your most passionate users behave?

The main rule of engagement relies on the elegant visual design and some inspiration design, together with the technologically engaging interaction.

However, people’s tastes are different and may change with time, some really fancy image style for some user at some certain time may be really awful in the near future.

The user community would a huge group of royal consumers for the prefab manufacturers and would impact the future architecture and construction.

Next Step

Accessibility needs to be improved at next stage. According to WCAG standards, need to make sure every text passes AA, or even AAA test.

Start collaborating with developers to see how to make this project move even further and put it into function.

Key Learnings

Grounded on research

Good design is always based on robust research, which provides strong rationale back-up for the design.

Do not design in Silo

Working in silo would not bring about a genius design, but would make it easy to overthink and let us burned out. So, let’s go outside, looking for some review and feedback, and come back with a refreshed mind.

Time block off

Work never ends and we could never be perfect. Stick with the timeline set in advance and we would be confident that we are prepared.

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